Led by the University of Bedfordshire’s Art and Design School, local school students will take part in workshops around the theme of protest.

 Their work will culminate in a parade through the Town on the afternoon of Friday July 19th and their work subsequently be displayed in sites across the Town.

Renowned artists Hedley Roberts and Noel Douglas from the University of Bedfordshire are working with a number of Luton schools with the support of Gemma Kiff, Head of Art at Bushmead Primary School.

 The workshops will run through the summer term and be based on the theme of protest. Ideas from movements like Black Lives Matter will be used to help school students design their own protest materials. It will be up to the school students to identify contemporary themes that they which to feature in the parade. The work will be paraded through the Town centre on the afternoon of the centenary of the riots - Friday 19th July. For updated details keep in touch via The Cultural Histories’ website

Schools interested in getting involved need to contact


  • Friday, July 19, 2019

Luton Town Centre