As You Change, So Do I: A Barbecue of Regrets

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As You Change, So Do I and Departure Lounge present

A Barbecue of Regrets; a playful, uplifting and thought-provoking exhibition by artist Tom Hackett, which celebrates the town of Luton through the shared regrets and reflections of its community.

Over several weekends in May, self-styled “artist-confessor” Tom Hackett walked the streets of Luton wearing his eye-catching dayglow ‘Conversation Suit’ and pushing a wheelbarrow full of charcoal briquettes. Tom invited members of the public to share their past regretted moments or actions with him, to write them on a post-it note and insert them into a piece of charcoal. Inspired by the conversations he had with the people of Luton, Tom has now created this exhibition of new work A Barbecue of Regrets.

For the walls of the gallery, Tom has designed a series of six, bold, text-based images, collecting together words from the anonymous regrets. Tom has created an interesting relationship between the stories behind each regret by playing with the visual connection between the seemingly random words. He has done this by combining a mixture of different fonts, different post-it note inspired colours and by overlaying and intertwining the words together on each canvas.

Taking over the floor space of the gallery, will be an installation of 5 dome-shaped kettle barbecues, presenting a sound sculpture produced in collaboration with artist Julian Woodcock. Woodcock has recorded a series of voice actors retelling some on the regrets that Tom has collected from Lutonions. These recordings are mixed with found sounds and fragments of piano. Together, these recordings clash to form an evocative sound collage. The spoken content ranges from the minor and absurd to the deeply personal, poignant and sometimes tragic. (Please note that whilst all regrets are from Luton, the age, gender and ethnicity of the recorded voices have been deliberately changed from the identity of the original authors of the regrets.)

At the opening of his new exhibition, Tom Hackett invites the people of Luton to see their regrets go up in smoke as he sets fire to the 'post-it note briquettes', using them to cook free burgers for participants and passers-by! So please feel welcomed to join us for the opening of A Barbecue of Regrets on Sat 22 Sep, 1-4pm.


A Barbecue of Regrets creates a fragmentary snapshot of a shifting moment in time in Luton, evolved through incidental dialogue rather than a documentary process.

Additionally don't miss Tom Hackett in conversation with Storefront's curator Matthew Shaul in a special opening on Saturday 6 October, from 2pm.


  • Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Storefront

Storefront Gallery

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