The Luton Creative Forum is a network of artists and arts workers in Luton that meet every two months to share best practice and collaborate to improve the state of the arts in Luton.

On March 21, a special meeting of the Creative Forum will introduce the People Power Passion creative teams and enable the local creative community to meet the artists and discuss the projects in more detail. Opportunities for Lutonians to get involved as Associate Artists, Trainees and participants will be discussed, and we'll be inviting people to share the ways they want to be involved.

The event is in partnership with TestBeds and will welcome delegates of their annual conference to join us to talk with the local and non-local arts community in an intimate, creative space. Find out more about TestBeds annual conference HERE.

After the forum there will be networking over nibbles and drinks where everyone will be encouraged to connect and discuss the arts in Luton.

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Image: S Gresswell animates the Hat Factory as part of the 2017 TestBeds conference. Credit: J Essex.


  • Thursday, March 21, 2019

Main Hall

UK Centre for Carnival Arts



Tel: 01582 437113