With a sultry, Harlem Renaissance-inspired score, spring-heeled Charleston dancing and a hatfull of historical figures, Josephineblurs the real with the imagined as we follow one woman’s incredible journey from the slums of St Louis via the bright lights of Paris and into the hearts of the world.

Performed by a cast of three, Josephine covers the extraordinary story of Josephine Baker: performer, spy and civil rights activist. Born in St Louis in 1906, Baker was a famous dancer and the first Black woman to star in a major motion picture. She became a French national where she raised her 12 internationally adopted children, dubbed the Rainbow Tribe. She aided the French Resistance during WWII, which earned her the Croix de Guerre and spoke at the renowned March on Washington in 1963 alongside Martin Luther King.

Running time: 60 minutes

Performances at 11.30am and 2pm

Age Guidance: 7+

Josephine is a part of our Half Term festival, Feb Fest.


  • Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Hat Factory

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It's a centre of artistic excellence set within a vibrant urban environment. It offers the young and the young at heart the chance to engage with the arts, to be inspired by the UK’s leading arts practitioners, and to develop artistic skills and confidence.

The Hat Factory is a combined arts venue in the centre of Luton. It opened in 2003 and since then has been the area’s main provider of contemporary theatre, dance and music. We work with both emerging and proven producers and artists, through programming, engagement programmes and our Associate Artist scheme. Their music programming is vibrant, offering an eclectic portfolio of high quality artists from the worlds of jazz, blues, folk, world music, indie and hip hop. Complementing their own programming, they welcome local/regional promoters to the venue, broadening their music offer and at the same time supporting young promoters and their businesses. They programme contemporary theatre and dance with a focus on fresh, new and relevant stories from both established and emerging touring companies who are making high quality work in the UK. They’ve programmed companies like Earthfall, Chickenshed, New International Encounter (NIE), Trestle, Menagerie, Eastern Angles, Atma, State of Emergency, 30 Bird, Tavaziva, Analogue and Jean Abreu Dance to name but a few.

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The Hat Factory has flexible spaces of various sizes to suit every need. See Venue Hire for more information.


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